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Technology can be intimidating for many of us. But, we can’t avoid it. Maybe you’re embarrassed to call your children with tech questions. Maybe you have been waiting to setup your new phone or something just isn’t working right.

Candoo Tech can help. Let us fix what’s broken, help you set up new devices to keep you safe and secure and teach you how to use technology to make your life easier and more fun!


How can we help?

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I need help

A Candoo Tech Concierge will come to your home to help you: 1) Fix what’s broken; 2) Setup a new device; or 3) Teach you something new.
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I need a go-to
tech guy/gal.

Become a member to get unlimited remote and phone tech support and 2 in-home visits a year. Call whenever you have a question or need help.
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I want to learn
something new.

Don’t be intimidated by technology. Learn everything from the basics of how to use your phone or computer to how to watch Netflix, order groceries or communicate with family and friends.
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Don’t take our word for it.

Testimonial - Michael H.
My mother-in-law is the client and because we are in different states, having tech help for her is invaluable.
— Nora D.
Please extend my thanks to David for his excellent work and friendly approach.
— Hanan W.
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Testimonial - Janice P.
My Tech Concierge has been wonderful. Very clear explanations ‘a woman of a certain age’ can understand.
— Eve F.
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We didn’t have to ask our grandchildren to teach us how to do it. Both fellows were excellent! Knowledgeable, friendly and their assistance was presented in exactly the appropriate level to encourage ‘Candoo’, with no one feeling foolish.
— Linda K.
My visit with Zain was great. We went over so many things and he was helpful in writing notes for me to follow so I could learn…he is patient and really easy to understand. My daughter is really happy as I don’t have to ask her anymore. I think this is a wonderful experience.
— Edythe M.
Testimonial - Barbara C
Testimonial - Joan F.H.
My Tech Concierge was fabulous!!!!! Thank you!!!
— Pam F.

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