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Meet our Team

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Liz H.

Candoo Founder

Liz is a high energy, entrepreneurial executive who is passionate about making an impact in the world. She has over 20 years of experience starting up and growing innovative organizations both in the U.S. and international markets.

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Lee F.

Tech Concierge

Lee loves teaching people how to make their technology work for them. He spent four years as an Apple Genius and once had a customer wait three hours just to speak to him!

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David L.

Tech Concierge

David is an imaginative techie who recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering. He is interested in researching the potential of AI in conjunction with human social interaction. David has taught coding and game programming to kids.  

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Zain I.

Tech Concierge

Zain is an Apple Certified Mac Technician and has spent many years as an Apple Genius. He has been an English instructor and is the youngest board member of the Executive Board of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Liz’ Favorite Candoo Moment
Teaching my friends how to use shared albums to share photos from a recent group trip.

Lee’s Favorite Candoo Moment
Teaching my 82 year old client how to program Alexa to remind him to take his medicine and call his son. Now Alexa’s like his best friend!

David’s Favorite Candoo Moment
Teaching 9-year old kids how to design & create games—their excitement was priceless!

Zain’s Favorite Candoo Moment
Helping out my grandma by setting up “smart lights” so the path to the bathroom is lit up at night which will hopefully help her avoid falling. Now with the tap of an icon on my family’s phones, we can set the light for her.


Our Story

Liz with her 88-year old Dad.

Liz with her 88-year old Dad.

My parents are both in their 80’s. My dad is what they call an “early adopter”. He is the first person to buy the latest gadget, newest computer, phone and watch. He lives next door to a computer store and the sales guys know him by name! My mom is a “technophobe”. She would still be using an electric typewriter if she could, but she’s still working with lots of Millenials and now tweets, podcasts, posts on Facebook and is finally learning to Facetime her granddaughter.

As they have gotten older, both parents call me all the time with tech questions. From the simple (“I forgot my password”) to the more complicated (the printer isn’t working, the Wi-Fi isn’t on, I’m not getting my emails) to the latest “Alexa has gone out of town” (Check out the actual voicemail from my dad). More recently, unfortunately, my dad has had a few falls and then the big questions came up around fall detection devices and home sensors without compromising privacy and dignity.

Candoo Tech gives older adults the freedom to use technology to stay safe, secure and engaged. We provide tech support and training for devices and software applications--from phones, iPads and tablets, Alexa and computers to innovative home sensors and fall detection devices.

For adult children and caregivers like me, Candoo gives us the confidence to know that our loved ones are getting the support they need to make their lives easier and more productive.

So, I hope that Candoo helps you and your family feel empowered to use technology to make your lives more enjoyable. You can do it!

Yours in service,
Liz Hamburg, Founder & CEO



Public Benefit Corp

Candoo Tech is a registered Public Benefit Corp.

Our goal is to make an impact in the communities in which we work, while providing excellent technology consultation, set up, training and support services designed specifically for older customers.

Our impact goals include:
Living wages & increased economic opportunities to underemployed populations

Improved health and well-being of older adults by decreasing social isolation and improving sense of community and connectedness.



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